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  • Mon–Sun: 11:00 AM–10:00 PM
India is known for its diversity and exotic foods. It is a culture that is popular for having a number of Hindu societies that practice vegetarianism.

Main Menu

Vegetarian Appetizers

Indian Onion Rings$3.95
Chili and Aloo Pakoras$4.95
Papri Chat$3.95
Paneer Pakoda$4.90
Vegetable Samosa (2)$3.95
Pani Puri$3.95
Bhel Puri$4.95
Samosa Chat$4.95
Sev Batata Puri$4.95
Pav Bhaji$6.95
Masala Papad$2.50
Aloo Tikki$3.95
Wada Pav$3.95

Non-Vegetarian Appetizers

Chicken Samosa$4.95
Chicken Pakora$4.95
Jeeru Chicken$5.95
Chicken Mava Kabab$14.95
Chili Chicken$14.95

Soups and Salads

Mulligatawny Soup$3.95
Tomato Soup$3.95
Veg Hot and Sour Soup$3.95
Hot and Sour Chicken Soup$4.95
Vegetarian Salad$4.95
Spicy Cucumber Salad$4.95
House Special Salad$6.95

Entrees - Tandoor Se / From the Clay Oven

Chilli Paneer$12.95
Veg Manchurian$12.95
Gobi Manchurian$12.95
Hariyali Paneer$12.95
Mix Veg. Platter$13.95
Tandoori Chicken$7.95
Tandoori Mix$13.95
Chicken Sheesh Kebab$13.95
Hariyali Chicken Tikka$13.95
Tandoori Shrimp$14.95
Tandoori Fish$14.95
Lamb Sheesh Kebab$14.95
Lamb Chops$24.95
Chatpata Mawa Kebab$14.95
Masala Fried Fish$14.95

Entrees - Sabzi Mandi / Vegetarian Specialties

Chana Masala$9.95
Bhindi Do Piazza$9.95
Cabbage Bengali$9.95
Baigan Bharta$9.95
Aloo Gobi$10.95
Daal Makhni$10.95
Daal Fry$10.95
Aloo Mutter$10.95
Palak Paneer$11.95
Malai Kofta$11.95
Paneer Tikka Masala$11.95
Navratan Korma$11.95
Mala Kola$11.95
Shahi Paneer Korma$11.95
Paneer Bhurji$11.95
Mutter Paneer$11.95
Kaju Paneer$12.95

Entrees - Chicken Specialties

Chicken Vindaloo$11.95
Chicken Sagwala$11.95
Chicken Curry$11.95
Chicken Jalferzi$11.95
Chicken Tikka$14.95
Chicken Makhni$12.95
Chicken Tikka Masala$12.95
Chicken Korma$12.95
Chicken Kadai$12.95
Taste of India Gravy Chicken$13.95

Entrees - Lamb and Goat Specialties

Lamb Patiala$13.95
Lamb Vindaloo$13.95
Boti Kebab$14.95
Lamb Tikka Masala$14.95
Lamb Sagwala$13.95
Lamb Korma$14.95
Goat Vindaloo$13.95
Goat Curry$13.95
Goat Masala$13.95
Goat Sagwala$13.95

Entrees - From the Sea

Shrimp Nargisi$14.95
Shrimp Vindaloo$14.95
Shrimp Jalferzi$14.95
Shrimp Makhni$14.95
Shrimp Sagwala$14.95
Shrimp Patiala$14.95
Shrimp Korma$14.95
Fish Curry$14.95
Fish Korma$14.95
Fish Vindaloo$14.95
Fish Jalferzi$14.95
Fish Makhni$14.95

Taste of India Chef's Favorite - Vegetarian Entrees

Paneer Akhabari$12.95
Dhaniya Paneer$12.95
Paneer Butter Masala$12.95
Veg Akhabari$12.95
Veg Makhanwala$12.95

Taste of India Chef's Favorite - Chicken Entrees

Indian Style Chicken$14.95
Chicken Makhanwala$14.95
Chicken Akhabari$14.95
Butter Chicken$14.95
Pahadi Kebab$14.95

Taste of India Chef's Favorite - Lamb and Goat Entrees

Lamb Chatpata$15.95
Lamb Akhabari$15.95
Hariyali Lamb$15.95
Lamb Makhanwala$15.95
Lamb Rogan Josh$15.95
Goat Chatpata$15.95
Pepper Goat$15.95
Hariyali Goat$15.95
Indian Style Goat$15.95

Taste of India Chef's Favorite - Sea Food Entrees

Hariyali Fish$14.95
Fish Akhabari$15.95
Malbari Fish$15.95
Shrimp Bukhra$15.95
Shrimp Chatpata$15.95
Shrimp Akhabari$15.95
Malbari Shrimp$15.95


Fried Hot Green Peppers$2.50
Masala Onions$3.95
Cup of Dal$4.95
Masala Vegetables$6.95

Indian Breads

Garlic Naan$2.50
Masala Naan$2.95
Aloo Paratha$2.95
Onion Kulcha$2.95
Paneer Kulcha$2.95
Garlic Roti$2.50
Taste of India Naan$3.95
Cream Cheese Naan$3.95
Peshawari Naan$3.95
Mozzarella Kulcha$2.95
Masala Cream Cheese Naan$4.95
Assorted Bread Basket$6.95
Taste of India Family Bread Basket$10.95

Basmati Rice and Biryanis

Extra Serving Basmati Rice$1.95
Peas Pulao$4.95
Jeeru Rice$4.95
Vegetable Biryani$11.95
Chicken Biryani$13.95
Lamb Biryani$14.95
Goat Biryani$14.95
Shrimp Biryani$15.95
Taste of India Chef's Special Biryani$15.95

Mithai / Desserts

Mango Flavor Kulfi$2.50
Faluda Kulfi$2.50
Saffron Pistachoi Ice Cream$3.95
Gulab Jamun$3.95
Ras Malai$4.95
Mango Melba$3.95


Bottled Water$1.95
Sparkling Water$2.95
Sweet Lassi$2.95
Salted Lassi$2.95
Mango Lassi$2.95
Rose Lassi's$2.95
Sweet Tea / Unsweet Tea$1.95
Masala Chai$2.99
Indian Coffee$2.99

Beverages - Soft Drinks

Pink Lemonade$1.95
Orange Soda$1.95
Mr. Pibb$1.95
Diet Coke$1.95

Beverages - Thandai

Thums Up$2.50
Mango Juice$2.95

Beverages - Beer

Domestic Bottles$3.00
Imported Bottles$3.50

Beverages - Indian Beer

Hawayrds 5000$3.95
Taj Mahal$6.99
Royal Challenge$6.99

Specialty Menu

Vegetable Appetizers

Chilli PaneerMarket Price
Veg ManchurianMarket Price
Gobi ManchurianMarket Price
Hariyali PaneerMarket Price

Chicken Appetizers

Mawa KebabMarket Price
Chilli ChickenMarket Price
Pahadi KebabMarket Price
Chicken 65Market Price
Chatpata Mawa KebabMarket Price

Lamb and Goat Appetizers

Lamb ChatpataMarket Price
Lamb ChopsMarket Price
Hariyali LambMarket Price
Goat ChatpataMarket Price
Pepper GoatMarket Price
Hariyali GoatMarket Price

Seafood Appetizers

Fish TikkaMarket Price
Hariyali FishMarket Price
Shrimp BukhraMarket Price
Shrimp ChatpataMarket Price

Vegetable Entrees

Paneer AkhabariMarket Price
Dhaniya PaneerMarket Price
Paneer Butter MasalaMarket Price
Veg AkhabariMarket Price
Veg MakhanwalaMarket Price

Chicken Entrees

Chicken AkhabariMarket Price
Butter ChickenMarket Price
Indian Style ChickenMarket Price
Chicken MakhanwalaMarket Price

Lamb and Goat Entrees

Lamb AkhabariMarket Price
Lamb MakhanwalaMarket Price
Lamb Rogan JoshMarket Price
Lamb Chops MasalaMarket Price
Indian Style GoatMarket Price

Seafood Entrees

Fish AkhabariMarket Price
Malbari FishMarket Price
Shrimp AkhabariMarket Price
Malbari ShrimpMarket Price

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