Historic Downtown Savannah

Though many of the restaurants have a variety of seafood as their primary dish, they also offer a wide selection of different foods for any palette. All of these restaurants offer dishes with local flavor and have menus that include seafood, BBQ, and some of the best burgers around. If you’re in a more casual dining mood, try some of the many bistros that are popular downtown Savannah restaurants. There’s also a good selection of Mexican and Italian food as well.

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Restaurants in Downtown Savannah, GA

Midtown Savannah

If you don’t have the time to drive to Savannah’s historic downtown, or maybe you are already ‘in the know’ with regards to local favorites, Savannah, GA’s midtown boasts an ever-growing variety of great restaurants. From BBQ joints to fine dining and Asian fusion, there is something for everyone.

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Restaurants in Midtown Savannah, GA

Southside Savannah

Savannah, Georgia’s southside is blanketed with a myriad of great chain restaurants complimented by an array of quality local fare; including seafood, BBQ, steaks, burgers, pizza & wings, casual dining, fine dining, and much more. Bring your family, bring your friends, and dine out in Savannah!

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Restaurants in Southside Savannah, GA

Savannah Area Islands

The coastal Savannah area is home to a small cluster of islands; including Wilmington Island, Whitmarsh Island, and Talahi Island. These islands have many dining options for you and your family. From local seafood & steakhouses, to sandwich shops and more, something delicious and affordable is close by…

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Restaurants in Savannah Area Islands

Savannah’s Beach

Because it’s so close to the water, Tybee Island eateries tend to feature seafood dishes, though there are also restaurants that feature other fare including pizza, steak, and burgers. Tybee Island restaurants also include refreshing treats like Seaside Sweats, a gelato ice cream shop that makes everything fresh from scratch.

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Restaurants on Savannah's Beach

Savannah Airport

No matter where you’re flying to or from, eating at a restaurant near Savannah’s airport is bound to make your day more appetizing. You can click through our gallery of Savannah airport restaurants to find the one closest to your flight, or you can find reviews and rate the places you find in the tabs above.

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Restaurants near Savannah Airport

Restaurants in Savannah, GA