Savannah Food Co-op

Savannah Food Co-op

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Interested in eating organic? Want to support local farmers? Meet the people at Savannah Food Co-op! This group of dedicated moms began to meet and discuss ways to gain access to affordable, local, organic foods in the Fall of 2007. In May of 2008 they had their first pickup of produce boxes, ground beef and milk for 20 families.

Now in 2013, consequently the ordering membership has grown to over 200! The variety of goods that can be ordered include an array of fruits and vegetables, pastured eggs and meats, wild-caught seafood, all natural and organic dairy, raw honey, dry goods and even drugstore items.

Savannah Food Co-op’s Mission:

  • Sell organic and all natural items at a fair price to our members
  • Therefore support local and regional farmers and artisans
  • Be a center of community activity and education
  • Practice environmental and community responsibility
  • Reflect our unique and diverse community

Hence, if you would like to know more about Savannah Food Co-op link here for their web page:

Consequently, to connect with them on Facebook, link here:


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