The City of Savannah operates over 3,000 metered parking spaces, 5 public parking garages, and 6 surface lots in downtown Savannah. Mobility & Parking Services manages these public assets.

AAA Parking
15 E Liberty Street
(912) 232-3637
Bryan Street Garage
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 651-6477
Courthouse Garage
W Broughton Street
(912) 651-6470
Liberty Parking Deck
15 W Liberty Street
(912) 233-5334
Liberty Street Garage
401 W. Liberty Street
(912) 644-5934
Lincoln Garage
20 Lincoln Lane
(912) 232-4215
Professional Parking Systems
318 E River Street
(912) 232-0600
Republic Parking
115 E Congress Street
(912) 238-5276
River Street Lot 1
Barnard Ramp & River Street
(912) 651-6470
River Street Lot 3
Abercorn Ramp and River Street
(912) 651-6470
Robinson Garage
W State Street
(912) 651-6478
Savannah Civic Center Lot
Liberty & Montgomery
(912) 651-6470
Savannah Visitor Center
301 Martin Luther King Blvd
(912) 651-6470
State Street Garage
100 E. State Street
(912) 651-6473
Whitaker Street Garage
7 Whitaker Street
(912) 525-2820

Disability Parking
The City of Savannah provides disability parking spaces for the exclusive use of vehicles diplaying the appropriate permit. The spaces are dispersed in all areas of the City and include free spaces as well as metered spaces. The spaces are located on-street throughout the City, in city owned garages, and in City operated lots. The disability permit spaces in the historic District all require payment for parking. For more information, call (912) 651-6470.

Smart Cards: Prepaid Parking Cards
Pay-and-display parking meters accept city issued “Smart Cards”. Smart Cards are pre-paid parking cards that can be used at the pay-and-display parking meters in addition to coins, currency and credit cards. Pay-and-display meters are located in the area generally bounded by River Street, Broughton Street, Martin Luther king Jr. Blvd, and East Broad Street.

Cards are the same size as credit cards and are available in denominations of $25, $50, and $75. Cards are available for sale at the Mobility & Parking Services Office located at 100 E. Bryan Street.

Towed or Booted Vehicles
If your vehicle has been booted, do not attempt to remove the boot. Please call Mobility & Parking Services at (912) 651-6470, toll free at 1-866-239-4218 during normal business hours.

In the case of a towed vehicle, you may dial the same numbers shown above or you may also call the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department at (912) 651-6476.

Meter Bagging Process & Permit
Individuals may apply for meter bagging permits in order to reserve a portion of on-street parking on a short-term basis. Examples of uses which may require this include: weddings in the squares, moving from a downtown apartment or business, or a neighborhood event. To be permitted to bag a meter, an individual must apply for a city right-of-way permit.